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Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

The is love mutul respect nd commitment mke the work People hve different personlities nd come from different bckgrounds but if they love nd respect ech other nd hve commitment work on the they hve better chnce of success Sony USSimple - two wy UK for is being ble communicte with ech other s well s the bsics of love trust nd bit of Murdy Belfstfter 32 yers I cn sy tht we hve lwys dmired nd respected ech other hve not expected get our own wy more thn 50% nd were lucky enough choose the right one Mind you the first ten yers were the Birminghm It's quite simple relly For husbnds: when sked "Does this mke me look ft?" Sy "No." When sked for n opinion on subject tht doesn't interest you like "shll we pint the wll white off-white ercu or eggshell?" tke firm position nd then cve-in instntly in the fce of the slightest resistnce Do not under ny such circumstnces use the phrse "Oh I don't cre." (This rule pplies wedding plnning s well.) nd most importntly sy "I love you!" erly nd often.m Denver Colordo US Copyright © 2018 BBC < href=" . /help/web/links/">The BBC is not responsible for the content of externl sites Red more This pge is best viewed in n up--dte web browser with style sheets (CSS) enbled While you will be ble view the content of this pge in your current browser you will not be ble get the full visul experience Plese consider upgrding your browser softwre or enbling style sheets (CSS) if you re ble. The good reltionship is understnd Understnding tht you cn only ever do two things wrong everything you sy nd everything you do Steve HntsIt my sound stupid but the for is being Mrk Frnhm Surrey Hve regulr ffirs with your prtner In other words put ll the energy nd cretivity in your reltionship tht people seem put in ffirs Mke nice surprises skulk off hotels nd buy little presents Not ll the time but often enough sp it feeling stle Love dies when it is tken for UKHve lugh! It relly mkes you understnd why you re gether!DS UK Mn I once worked with once sid me tht the good ws good constructive rgument tht clers the ir He went on tell me tht if you don't rgue there surely must be dominnt prtner nd tht cn't be good I think the morle of his sry ws tht good consists of give nd tke I gree nd will pply this my four month plus I lso love my husbnd more thn ever nd tht certinly counts for something Sue NorthumberlndI'd sy it ws ll do with respect - seeing their point of view s vlid even when you disgree being polite ech other insted of being brusque or demening being considerte their feelings when you ct or decide I think if you hve respect for both their feelings nd intelligence you're less likely hurt them rgue with them or sp confiding in Scotlnd N idelly would involve s few rguments s possible relistic is where the rguments hppen but they get resolved quickly nd hppily!Chrispher Hogrty Oxford UK ' + liveSttsFcts[ ( ()* )] + ''); } rndomLiveStts(); //--> < href="/1/shred/bsp/hi/live_stts/html ">Most Populr Now< href="/1/shred/bsp/hi/live_stts/html " clss="now">Most Populr Now | < href=/1/shred/bsp/hi/live_stts/html ?lsf>56,514 people re reding sries on the site. T the sound of those two words I turned ll the other women seted round the tble enjoying bnn bred nd te ”I hve been seven countries so fr you re my eighth nd the first nswer given when I sk tht question hs been the sme in every single country.” “Tht just gve me chills,” Mi the newlywed of the group sid while rubbing her rms s if generte wrmth ll-in-ll I discovered 12 common denominrs -universl truths if you will- between ll the couples I interviewed So now when someone sks me “Is there universl ?” I’m ble nswer with confidence Yes bsolutely There re t lest 12. Love someone for the rest of your life is n ctive decision which mens lwys putting them first It requires complete openness effective communiction nd the shring of deepest feelings The result is unity not compromise which tkes both prties through voyge of discovery continully growing love nd Jordn Nzeing Englnd sense of humour!Helen Wyld EnglndThe for is for the wife mke it cler immeditely tht she is in chrge of everything while t the sme time convincing her husbnd tht he clls ll the shots s long s he never relizes the truth he will think he is which is ll tht US It's simple Buy her mirror so she cn see whose boss nd plenty of shoes wlk ll over you - then hve good lugh bout it t your own expense! Howrd Ellingn NorthumberlndReducing the ese with which divorces cn be obtined nd the wy in which the process is mnged It is o esy get them nd for the women fund lifestyle from the proceeds This is hppening Its hppened three blokes I know nd hs cused two of them immense Richrds EnglndMen - put the set down Women - hve seprte room for shoes nd C Sheffield UKFunny how no one hs mentioned EpsomOur blossomed when I cme terms with the fct tht I ws blme for everything tht went bord Drillship in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm getting mrried this summer My prents divorced which hs mde me very determined put every effort in mking my work I don't know wht difficulties nd obstcles we will hve overcome but tking n open pproch (nd knowing my finc&ecute;e well enough guess her rection lmost nything) hs be the key success See problems from the other person's shoes nd be relistic bout wht is nd is not crucilly importnt you personlly s opposed you s London UK Rndl Bgwell: Whilst wht you sy is true It hs work both wys Your wife hs be selfless otherwise you end up door UK must be compromise give nd tke eqully. So I reched out ech of the couples recommended -in Cnd South fric Muritius Croti ustrli New Zelnd nd so mny other plces round the globe- nd sked if they’d be willing open up their lives me nd shre their mritl s of success By the time I rrived t my 7th country I knew I ws on something very specil I hosted te with 10 Filipin women from the Wives Club with the youngest being yer old nd the oldest being just shy of her 34th nniversry While sitting there I sked Erlind (the womn mrried the longest) the sme question I’d sked everyone on my trvels before her: “Wht is the one thing you would sy is of the utmost importnce for every the one thing every couple must do?” Without pusing for even full second she responded Mutul respect “Every couple must hve mutul respect.” Picking the right prtner It's s simple s tht s brek down not becuse people couldn't work t them but becuse they HD work t them Rel love doesn't need working UKFormul for is not mthemticl one but respect for ech others feelings.V Ds Mnchester UKMy wife nd I hve been gether 14 yers nd mrried for 9 In tht time we hve never hd n rgument We hve two rules Be tlly open with ech other nd respect the others UK Serch term: I my not be n expert on successful reltionships s I m sure most people ren't but I relly feel the key successful reltionship is equlity nd shring If you tret your prtner s n equl nd n individul you will gin their respect nd their trust lso I feel letting go of pst reltionships nd not judging your current prtner on your pst filures in reltionships is importnt s CmbridgeThe is remember tht your wy is not the best wy nd remember tht it is prtnership This mens tht there re times when you hve give nd tke s well s giving your prtner time UKPersonlly I think it's much more of compliment reltionship if you cn sty gether nd *not* get mrried I've been with my current prtner for over three yers now nd we hve 4 month old dughter We re not Jckson Portsmouth UK I do not believe in the notion tht there is one perfect person for ech of us This notion hs cused mny problems for mny individuls I believe tht through the course of our lives we come cross number of people with whom we could hve successful Timing is certinly key issue but success in cn be determined by the mount of love respect commitment nd intimcy shred by the USn bsolute vitl ingredient for ny reltion is comptible sense of humour Nothing brings nd keeps you closer gether thn shring lugh (PS: just hd my 10th wedding nniversry)Corinn Berlin Germny Life isn't sprint it is mrthon If you cn hppily see yourself old grey nd right longside your prtner you might be redy for Coming from meric we hve millions of bd exmples round us We however do not let drm money or other externl fcrs dversely ffect our prtnership Der Si Dvie hope your sre bought love lsts Did you her? Brbie's ditching Ken! You might be in trouble Jcob Stff Settle USDid we need ten-yer study tell us tht people who cn't discuss contentious issues without getting ngry re likely divorce? is bout compromise nd compromise comes bout through friendly nd loving discussionndrew Cmbridge UK Sying tht love doesn't require work is extremely nive For some people the effort required sustin long term reltionship comes esily For others it does not However there is "work" tht is required Rel love is the commitment putting the other person first even when you my not feel like doing USFrom my humble opinion reltionship is lot of nice words sid between two people but very rrely one holds wht sid Cn we blme it our nture being humn? dy in this world love is so selfish when it should be Kent nd Uxbridge UKLet's ll get our Mth skills shrpened up Mybe the divorce rte will come down not mentioned better mth cpbilities for Cliforni US True love is chemistry thing Two people cn generlly get long but the wesome intensity of rel love is lmost overwhelming Everyone looks for it but very few find it The very best sex is hd when the two people re emotionlly bonded Dve LondonLWYS hve the lst word in n rgument - "sorry der"!!ndrew Sutn SurreyI wish I knew the 40 yers i rshi Gold Run USMy is one but if only my Mrs would not get moody nd sensitive bout hundred different things in dy it would be D'Souz EnglndGuys cn lwys sve themselves lot of time by simply finding womn they don't like nd buying her house!Don Hunter yr ScotlndThe for will lwys be Syed hmed Bnglore ∓ Indi The book entitled < href=" /" trget="_blnk"> Wives Club: One Womn’s Worldwide Serch for the s of Gret went on presle dy nd for incredibly selfish resons I’d be so honored if you would < href=" /" trget="_blnk">click here lern more bout it Of course you cn lso pre-order the book (**wink wink**) for you nd your closest girlfriends (< href=" .com/-Wives-Club-Worldwide-/dp/1400205042/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8∓qid=1381881863∓sr=8-1∓keywords=+wives+club" trget="_blnk">mzon nd < href=" /w/the--wives-club-fwn-wever/1114868298?en=9781400205042" trget="_blnk">Brnes ∓ Noble hve the book on presle DY for 25% off) which would serve two purposes: Ptience! It's o esy give up lso don't nitpick or crry grudges No prtner wnts mentl bcklog of every single mistke they've mde in the pst Sherrin London UKChocolte!VG UKPicking the right prtner It's s simple s UKHve lots of ffirs nd don't get KentThe is not try nd chnge your prtner If you're not with the wy they re you shouldn't relly be spending your life with them My prtner nd I still hve the socil lives of 20-somethings nd we're both in our erly 50s Steve UKDon't sk me! I've hd two goes nd two filures Third time lucky perhpsJohn Foster ylesbury Englnd The BBC hs updted its cookie policy We use cookies ensure tht we give you the best experience on our website This includes cookies from third prty socil medi websites if you visit pge which contins embedded content from socil medi Such third prty cookies my trck your use of the BBC website We nd our prtners lso use cookies ensure we show you dvertising tht is relevnt you If you continue without chnging your settings we'll ssume tht you re receive ll cookies on the BBC website However you cn < href="/privcy/cookies/mnging/cookie- ">chnge your cookie settings t. Tret prtner selection like buying used cr Check the hisry check the body work (look under the bonnet) mke sure it's neither clocked nor the subject of hidden finnces nd bove ll else give it good test drive first!Ptrick V Stn Guildford UKThe bility lugh t yourself nd mke your prtner lugh Becky Cmbridge UKMrry the love of your life If you re truly soul mtes nd ment be gether then ll the difficulties don't seem quite so . If you’re interested in lerning more bout my journey nd the universl s I lerned long the wy you cn strt by < href=" /ssets " trget="_blnk">downloding the first four chpters. Relism is very importnt in ccepting tht is for the long hul nd in tht time there's going be rough times Being ble tlk your prtner is impertive nd give nd tke Don't expect herts nd flowers forever it's not rel Birminghm UK is ll bout trust People get mrried becuse they believe they will be in one wy or nother by forming bond with someone else Trust is the foundtion of ; it is lso the polr for Helen. < nme="p">

Whether you cll it love friendship compnionship etc it hs one thing in common; trust nd loylty Without this Love/ would not Syed Dubi UEIntimcy There hs be something you hve with your prtner tht you don't shre with nybody else Emotionl closeness nd physicl closeness good sex life is so importnt It's fun It mkes you close It mkes you know nd explore the other person It mkes you closer Of course love respect committment honesty etc hve be there But so does sex!NL. The true test of mthemticl theory like this is whether it mkes ccurte predictions s well s explining things fter the fct s physics grdute myself I find it hrd believe tht something s subjective nd complex s humn reltionships cn be modelled in this wy nd the of ? Give nd tke like others here hve suggested Love your other hlf enough wnt see them nd they'll reciprocte It's no big however much TV portryls of try tell us Hzel Frehm UKI think the key is compromise nd scrifice for the other s 25 yer vetern of mrried life - ll the sme womn - I cn sy it is wonderful even the bumps mke the reltionship stronger nd if you cn remember the five most importnt words "yes der whtever you wnt" nd put them in plce you'll be just Colchester. My husbnd often sys when we qurrel "Will this relly mtter in two yers' time?" Looking hed wht lsts s opposed splitting hirs over the immedite petty concerns cn give perspective ny reltionship.R Ductt Springfield MO USLove respect nd good sense of humour re the keys is hrd work but it should lso be fun The couple tht cn hve lugh gether will lwys be more successful in thn those who cn' e Lewood USKnow tht the two of you gether re more importnt thn either of you Brighn Wht I discovered in those interviews nd in converstions with the women of this wonderful club ws no mtter where person resided in the world -nd regrdless of primry lnguge religion socioeconomic sttus culture or upbringing- they ll sounded the sme It ws s if they grew up in the sme household nd ll lerned the principles nd lifelong gether Some of their responses were uncnnily similr So much so tht it got me thinking: Is it possible there is universl nd these couples know wht it is nd would be willing. Join THE 1,000,000 MEMBER CHLLENGE: If you hven’t lredy done it wht re you witing for? < href=" /join--wives-club/" trget="_blnk">Join the club! It tkes only few seconds nd of course is < href=" /join--wives-club/" trget="_blnk">free. Love is o complex boundless nd indefinble be explined by everydy mthemtics Why would we wnt confine such n mzing thing simple nswer? Love exists beyond formul Lindsey Ls Vegs NVYou should wnt ech other more thn you need ech Southmpn UK

You're using the Internet Explorer 6 browser view the BBC website Our site will work much better if you chnge more modern browser It's free quick nd esy < href=" /">Find out more bout upgrding your browser here… Compromise o mny people fil compromise on bsic issues/problems nd their s suffer s result o mny people just wlk wy from n issue when compromise is ll tht's needed cler the ir nd leve both prties O'Mhony MnchesterDivorce !!! I've never been Liverpool EnglndShe is your queen nd you re her prince Tht's the mgic London UKMy brother hs been mrried twice nd still hs not figured this out Both times he's chosen greedy women who re fter his money He in turn trets women s subservient men There's is cler lck of love respect tenderness honesty nd selflessness on ll prts I m sd for him tht he's invested tl of 14 yers in such sd wy live Some people will never "get it".Elizbeth Pittsburgh. We got mrried in July 03 fter 5 nd hlf yers gether The ny good reltionship - communiction honesty never go bed on n rgument nd lwys strt the morning off with the words 'I love you' nd finish off the dy the sme Simple relly Helen Kreissl UK Tht question fueled wht would become < href=" /" trget="_blnk">six-month long journey s former hotel generl mnger for Hiln-fmily property nd former mnger for Strwood I’d mde friends from ll over the world I contcted the ones I respected the most nd sked these two questions: “When I mention the phrses ‘ ’ nd ‘still in love fter ll these yers,’ who is the couple tht instntly comes mind? If I were come your community who would be the one couple everyone would vouch for s being 100-percent genuine nd would sy their love hs sod the test of time?” sking those two questions ws enlightening First I lerned tht ech of my friends could esily think of tht one couple nd second I quickly relized tht beyond tht one couple mny couldn’t think of nother. Strt your dy off right with n uplifting 90-second messge delivered your milbox. < href=" /wp-content/uplods/2013/10/The-No.-1-----.jpg"> I know I’m mking bold declrtion by climing I my know the #1 But her me out Lst yer with the bcking of n wesome publisher (thnks < href=" /" trget="_blnk">Thoms Nelson!) I trveled 18 cities in 12 countries on 6 continents interview couples hppily mrried -25 yers or more- deduce the common denominr mong them When I first lunched the Wives Club in 2010 I hd column on the site clled Sge Wisdom For those of you who hve been reding since tht time you probbly remember tht ws my fvorite section For tht column I would interview women hppily mrried for more thn qurter of century nd shre their timeless dvice Mericn scientists believe they've found mthemticl formul for the perfect Scientists t the "Love Lb" or the Reltionship Reserch Institute in Settle Wshingn clim their predictions hve 94% ccurcy The formul ws developed using dt collected from mountin of videotped converstions between couples Physiologicl dt such s pulse rtes lso ws collected nd nlysed Wht is your formul for lsting love? How do you keep the romnce live?This debte is now closed Red selection of your comments below. The for long lsting reltionship? Don't lust fter her sister best friend or her mother?! Filure dhere this simple guideline my lso result in the reltionship with certin key prts of your nmy lso being cut short (wince )Sturt Hdley Birminghm UKBe there for ech other even if you cn only get gether t certin time in the evening nd mke one evening just be with ech other We hve been mrried for three yers now nd we re both busy nd professionl people but we love ech other so much without being Frnhm UKIf you wnt reltionship tht lsts get Englnd Mrtin Englnd: Does your dog do the ironing? If so where cn I get one?ndy Edinburgh Scotlnd ndy Edinburgh: I mnged get my dog iron it's the sex I cn't get used ! Richrd Frehm The three C's of Comptibility Communiction nd the most importnt of ll Commitment Commitment ech other nd the will wether the srms of the GloucesterI think giving ech other spce nd t times ccepting tht they might wnt do something without you fter ll is two individuls becoming one but in the process they don't lose their individulity - in fct sometimes people fight keep Hiln Hudds UKFor long men need hve EnglndRespect for one nother Leigh EdinburghYou hve ccept tht both you nd your prtner re still going find other people ttrctive Get over tht nd you've circumvented number of Boersm London UK Menr once dvised: "Devote yourself mking your prtner never prioritising yourself If you cn find someone who loves you enough do the sme for you then how cn the two of you possibly prt wys?"Michel kyo JpnTrust nd compromiseStephen Cymn IslndsTiming is crucil With ll the will in the world nd however perfectly mtched you my seem be we re ll the victims of circumstnce point For reltionship work it hs be the right time for both of SheffieldShring bth gether nd tking it in turns be t the tp end!Jonnh Lncster UKMove fr wy from your mother-in- London I hve been mrried short while nd I cn honestly sy being mrried is so specil it relly is gret there re good times nd hrd times but you both work through it its bout love communiction honesty shring being friends hving lugh (often) giving not being fmilir Jnine Essex Englnd Dy is nothing more thn reltionship with signed contrct The fct is most get mrried when in love not relly knowing their prtner s soon s the 'rel reltionship' strts nd you know your prtner it's either good or o lte mke reltionship work you must hve over 60% in common you must be ble hndle the humn psyche the fct the we ll mke mistkes is humn but it is lso fct tht we hold grudges which turn in hte nd divorce The ? Tret your prtner s if he/she were your best friend Peter Cotterill Wshingn DC -. < href=" . /1/hi/help ">Wht. I used interview couples celebrting 40th 50th nd even 60th wedding nniversries for locl newspper I lwys sked them 'Wht's the of ?' 'Give nd tke' they ll would reply Typiclly ech husbnd nd wife hd their own living re within their home - their own living room their own TV etc - nd it seemed didn't spend much time gether I lwys believed tht ws in truth the of long nd. Keep your brimming with love in the loving cup whenever you re wrong dmit it whenever you re right shut UKBeing ble del with problems is the key - nd most importntly relise people re going chnge s they get older Nobody mrried for more thn two yers cn look t their prtner nd sy tht they hven't chnged somehow Trev London UKLessons lerned from my seven yer (filed) Mke sure you're friends 1st don't try chnge the other person grow gether nd for God's ske remember put the ilet set down!Dn Colordo US No in-lw Englnd LondonI think the for successful is responsibility Especilly if there re children Mnchester success revolves round communiction complete dmirtion nd involvement in ech other There needs be constnt pprecition of ech other nd getherness Most of ll FUN KISSES nd CUDDLES!Brry Poltjko Motherwell ScotlndMy grndmother died dy leving behind her husbnd of 62 yers I don't know wht their ws but ll I cn sy is tht they were hrdly romntic - bickering ws more common plce! But I think s were built lst bck then How mny people who mrry morrow will be mrried in 62 yers time I UKNo kids nd dish wsher!Jn Englnd

Lthough not mrried I believe the for reltionship is respect for oneself nd for your loved one Communiction is lso vitl prt of it s it's good tlk no need build up ll tht nxiety within yourself! OH nd smiles smile is contgious s the fmous sying goes! s long s my boyfriend is genuinely smiling I know tht he's nd tht mkes me ! Connie SomersetIf you wnt be for n evening get drunk; if you wnt be for yer get mrried; but if you wnt be forever get Robson LondonFind your soul UKBeing ble gree disgree nd respect tht is fundmentl But the golden rule is gree more thn you disgree Rozz Englnd First you need pick the right prtner Next it's bout devoting 100% of yourself mking your prtner If you both do tht then you both receive 100% devotion nd you will dore your prtner for it Rosnn UKGzing in her eyes with love will mke you both forget wht you're rguing bout who left the iron on who lost the keys nd who needs tke out the trsh Of course fter you two sp string t ech other the iron will still be on the keys will still be missing nd the trsh will still be sitting in the kitchen! But those deep moments s short s they my be re hmed Bensenville US The is: "Love is ptient love is kind It does not envy it does not bost it is not proud It is not rude it is not self-seeking it is not esily ngered it keeps no record of wrongs Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth It lwys protects lwys trusts lwys hopes nd lwys perseveres Love never fils."Dn W Horshm UK is like bnk ccount - you get out wht you put in with UKEr plugs! The only wy survive the snoring. The is selflessness insted of selfishness putting the needs of your wife hed of your own needs helping her in little wys If people re selfish they will not hve no mtter how mthemticlly comptible they re ccording scientist's list of fcrs Love is bout giving not Bgwell Coppers Cove. First it would ressure me tht this mzing journey nd ll the weeks wy from home were well worth the cost nd secondly tht ech of us believe no mtter how beutiful our we cn lwys mke it better Going from good gret nd from gret extrordinry Tht’s wht this life -nd - is ll bout Until Mondy…mke it gret weekend! < href=" /wp-content/uplods/2013/04/Emil-Signture- "> The mutul cceptnce of ech other's feelings shring gols never "bottling it up" nd sometimes dogged determintion nd plin hrd Redhill UKLove respect humility effective communiction nd prioritising your prtner's needs/concerns nd never going bed on sour Cmeroon Communiction lernce nd respect for both your prtner nd your Love is obviously criticl but it will only get you so fr o often mrried couples focus on wht "drives them nuts" bout their prtner nd tke for grnted their wonderful Cincinnti USI let my wife wtch the shopping chnnel ll dy Tht keeps her nd when she's I'm I think Lee Cge. It's vitl shre sense of humour nd lugh lot nd don't expect o much from - it's not perfect nothing is But if you cn lugh tlk things over nd hve n understnding of ech other's points of view it goes long wy mking it We lso think very much s couple i.e "we" rther thn "I".Sndr Swyer Derby EnglndWe re hppily mrried for 15 yers nd my biggest dvise is "ninety percent of the friction of dily life is cused by the wrong ne of voice"Sim Housn USI tlly gree with Mrtin Englnd Dogs don't spend ll your money s well s theirs on lcohol nd drugs dog is lso womn's best friend!Susn ble Woking EnglndMoney CN buy you love!Si Dvie Mrchm Englnd < href=" . /" hreflng="en-GB"> British Brodcsting CorportionHome < id="pge-p">ccessibility links Let your wife choose the home decortions IF you don't you'll never her the end of itPhilip Jedlick. The first is void mericn scientist formuls lso don't expect everything be perfect - respect ech other - leve time for friends - nd of course give in the fct tht the wife is the boss in the house regrdless of wht you've been ld Philip Heller USThe for is finding wife who is not mterilistic nd listens s well s speks during n rgument If you cn find either of these you re doing better then most both nd you re Dvis London Englnd Sign up receive your 100 dys of love dily emil from Fwn encourge your ! The is not get mrried t ll Such smll minority re religious in the UK these dys there's no tx dvntge being mrried nd most long-lived reltionships seem go wrong the moment the certificte is signed If reltionship isn't broken then don't fix Howe Chelmsford UK Comptibility communiction commitment nd dsh of 'je ne sis quoi'!K UKFellow men: just buy your womn shoes every week nd everything will be good! Jon Englnd You hve tell ech other "I love you" nd sy it every dy Be prepred give more nd tke less Tlk more when there re problems s two cn work things out better thn one Mny reltionships fil becuse of poor communictions Put your prtner first nd the reltionship will get better s time goes by We hve been mrried nerly 35 yers so it works for ∓ Perl RmsgteBe single!!!Mike NottinghmI hve been with my prtner for 7 yers nd we will be getting mrried next yer! Lsting love comes with being best of friends but more importntly good communiction If you cn't tlk ech other it's doomed Keeping the romnce is bout being pprecitive of the other person nd never tke them for O'Cllghn London The of reltionship is persevernce There re going be times when things re unberble but if you stick with your prtner you will both come out stronger thn ever It's not lwys esy loving someone trouble is these dys divorce is ll o esy Mnchester UKThe of good is be good Guildford UKYou do wht she sysRob UKLove loylty truth trust nd scrificeMrs Fye SpinInteresting tht the comments so fr seem only relte My prtner nd I celebrte Vlentine's Dy o The reltionship? Strt right strt s you men crry on nd stick it nd lwys hve tht little surprise every now nd then!Simon Gregg Cmbridge I hve been mrried for 35 yers in tl; however it hs been five different men Every time I meet someone I think it is for life I wnt spend every wking minute with them I don't believe for second tht there is formul for perfect I know how mke mn but they don't pprecite it I know it's not me - it's lwys them who cn't hndle my undying devotion I m going through my fifth divorce t the moment so I would love know this formul for husbnd number UKIt's down the 4 Ls: Love lughter lust nd luck!dm LondonHve been mrried for nine yers Never go bed ngry with ech other Lern tht sometimes you need lose the rgument nd put your prtner's needs first Being concerned for the other persons feelings is importnt but do not let them tke dvntgeJG Gryswood UK Love is bout tking plesure from helping or giving plesure your prtner Its lso bout shring mutul understnding nd lughter Tim Hrris NottinghmWhenever there is n rgument or you wnt correct your wife sk yourself: 'Do I wnt be right or do I wnt be ?' RS Bth UKThe bility communicte with wrmth nd humour no mtter wht your surroundings nd sitution re Negtive comments if possible should be kept United KingdomDon't tke ech other for grnted Love respect nd vlue ech other NEVER sink in complcency Hve lugh gether! Clire LondonNot trying chnge your prtner mtch your ides of perfection Not going sleep on rgument nd respecting ech others views - even when they re wrong :)Cron Englnd Honesty shring give nd tke respect Use ech other's strengths nd don't prey on ech other's weknesses Never let the sun go down on qurrel Spontneous kindness (flowers jobs done unexpectedly whtever) Hve fun gether - nd seprtely ccept tht everyone mkes mistkes nd be prepred forgive nd forget nd bove ll - keep tlking communicte don't bottle trouble up!ndrew Cmbridge UKI ws given this dvice on my wedding dy nd it works! Never go bed without resolving n rgument nd tell your wife/husbnd/prtner tht you love them fist thing in the morning nd lst thing t night FJ LondonDon't work gether or be finncilly dependnt on the other Keep some spce for yourself nd don't get under ech others London UK

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